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 Minnesota native, raised by a creative single dad. 

Owner and designer Jessica Betzold has had a special crafty touch since she was just a little girl. But something changed in 2006 when she found her self lost in Duluth stone shop, completely intrigued by the variety of shapes, textures and colors of the materials there was to choose from. She was instantly drawn to the Rose Quartz Crystal and made her very first bracelet by tying the beautiful stones together with her dad's fishing line to attract more love and confidence into her life.

As soon as she returned home, she visited the nearest bead store, spent every penny she had saved on supplies and started teaching her self a variety of ways to create jewelry! From then on, Jessica's love and passion for jewelry design was forever planted in her heart. 

"Designing jewelry is not just what I do, it’s what shines in my soul, vibes through my veins and pulses with my every heart beat."

Throughout her years gaining a Bachelors in Art Education from Minnesota State University Mankato, Jessica feed her love making jewelry by working at a local bead store, Sticks and Stones. She slowly started creating custom pieces for family members, friends in the dorms and eventually she expanded to selling jewelry at local stores, craft fairs and on Etsy. Over the years, she has created thousands of necklaces, bracelets and earrings for beautiful people all around the world!

Today Jes B Jewelry Designs is based among the Northeast Arts District in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each piece is carefully handmade by makers both in Jessica's home studio and alongside her where ever she is traveling around the world. 

“My purpose it to create pieces that bring more beauty, confidence and love into the lives of others!"

Jes B Jewelry is designed with love in mind! Jessica strives to create deigns that will make people of all kinds feel more confident in their own beauty and unique style. Our jewelry is made to be lightweight, long lasting, and compliment grabbing.

Beads and materials are both found and repurposed from old jewelry pieces and locally sourced from small businesses. One of our favorite things to do here at Jes B Jewelry Designs is to use our clients old, unworn jewelry to custom create new and contemporary pieces that perfectly fits their unique style. 

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-Jes B Jewelry Staff


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